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Opportuinities In The Medical Field

Production of medical devices is limited in Cambodia, with most companies limited to distribution. Cambodia’s medical device market is expected to grow in the future. More than 80 percent of medical equipment and devices are imported in the country. Cambodia registered 1616 medical devices between 1994 and 2016 with only 335 new registrations and 130 renewals in 2016. Most companies occupying this sector act as a distributor of medical supplies or offer certification for medical devices such as TUV Rheinland from Germany and Medicom from France.


Opportunities In The Pharmaceutical Domain

The healthcare market in Cambodia has crossed $1 billion in 2015, including the pharmaceuticals market valued at $260 million with double-digit growth. More than 55% of the pharmaceutical market is composed of importers and there is a significant local preference for foreign medicines. In 2015 Indian pharmaceuticals in Cambodia were valued at almost $30 million. India ranks second in the whole world in terms of exporting pharmaceuticals to Cambodia. 2019-20 appears to be the best time for new entrants.

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Opportunities In The Hospital Domain

In Cambodia, many high ranking government officials and public figures seek medical treatment abroad. Medical treatment facilities yet to be in good shape in this country. Matter of the fact is that local people do not trust very much on medical facilities provided to them. Infrastructure, technology, unskilled staff are some of the problems being faced by Cambodian hospitals and people. There are only 29 provincial hospitals, 157 district hospitals and 1725 town infirmaries in Cambodia. The number of outbound Cambodians traveling for medical purposes, in general, rose from 1.2 million in 2015 to 1.4 million in 2016. Between 24-30 percent of Cambodian’s travel to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia & Singapore for such purposes.

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